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How can i get my files?

Once the payment is accredited, you will be able to download the photos from our website.
We will send you an email with a direct link to the download page.

We remind you that you are buying a digital file and not a printed photo.

Do i need to be a registered user?

No, you can make the purchase as a guest, but we recommend that you register.
If you are registered you will be able to associate to your account the races in which you participated.
We will also be able to show you your photos more quickly, without having to do a search.

How can i pay my photos?

You can pay with Mercado Pago or PayPal, depending on your country of origin.
PayPal only allows payments by credit card, while Mercado Pago allows different means of payment (credit card, rapipago, easy payment, etc.)
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