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Terms & Conditions

General Conditions

The buyer assumes responsibility for the use of the photographs acquired, exempting photographers from liability.

The photos for sale are .jpg of 3500px at most on its longest side, at a resolution of 300dpi without any watermark.

The photos can be downloaded from the "my purchases" section.
In case of any problem, they will be sent to the email with which they register at www.fotosdeaventura.com within 48 hours of the notification of said problem.

Our right not to accept your order or cancel your purchase

We expressly reserve the right not to accept your order or cancel the purchase contract after the automatic order confirmation in the following situations (among others), in which we will be exempt from any liability for damages, damages or costs (all payments will be reimbursed):
• your billing information is not correct or verifiable;
• your order is marked by our security systems as an unusual order or an order susceptible to fraud;
• you are under 16 years of age;
• there was an obvious error in the price offered;
• We could not deliver the images;

Promotions and discounts

Discounts for quantity of photos only take into account the photos with price. Free photos available in some races do not count towards the calculation of discounts.

The "PROMO FULL" promotion includes all the photos that the Fotos de Aventura team could identify from a runner's BIB number. It does not include the photos within the category "Unidentified" (No identificados) or any other category even though the runner can recognize himself in them.

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